About That Cooking School and Chef William Niemer

William is an American Culinary Federation certified Executive Chef and Culinary Educator. Innovative strategic planner and operations professional. A industry professional that can “get it done” with an eye on obtaining operational excellence. Possess a strong mixture of creativity, academic experience that is supported by a business framework.

THAT Cooking School offers a fun environment for kids, families, and adults to  learn culinary skills. Owner and Primary Chef Bill Niemer has been in the industry for over 30 years with experience running schools such as Le Cordon Bleu and AI Minnesota.



Kids Cooking Camps coming in June 2023

Our Kids Cooking CAMPS offer the perfect mix of cooking, eating & fun! Kids spend time in the kitchen, chopping, grating and rolling their way to delicious dishes with the guidance of our chef instructors.  Hands on experience!

Full Day Camp 10am-4pm
Monday June 26th   $99

Half Day Camps 9am-12pm
Tuesday June 27th
Wednesday June 28th

*We have the right to cancel if not enough sign up

The camps take place at Mendota VFW, Hwy 13 Lower level Enter on side door

To register please contact Willam at 651-238-7017 or niemervilliam@gmail.com

Our offerings for your special event

Looking for a fabulous and fun event catered by your very own personal chef for your next party or event?

Contact That Cooking School.  We offer custom tailored parties and private events.  From Corporate Team Building events to girl scout troops, That Cooking School will make your event a great sucess.

Here are some of the events we can provide for you:


Appoint an Executive Chef

Executive Chef heads to Kitchen to take a picture of the pantry to see what items are available for their meal

15-minute planning session

1 hour cook timeJudging categories:  Taste 50 pts, Presentation/ creativity 50 pts
Teamwork 50 pts. Organization / Cleanliness 50 pts

Create 1 dish to present to the judges, remainder is to be served buffet style for the entire group to enjoy. Must use each ingredient from your mystery basket in your meal.

Decorate your table to match the themed bin (think outside the box) this is part of your presentation score.

Be creative, and have fun.


Think you know how to make a mean chili or want to learn? Join forces and we will put your skills and creativity to the test!


For this event you will need 2 or more teams of people.  Number of people per team can vary, depending on the size of the group.  Each team will be given the same protein to work with and spices/sauces to use to create their meal.
Each team will elect a captain who will be the one in charge of selecting cards from different categories for their team.
The host will initially have 3 piles of cards for the teams to pick from.  With cards shuffled and facing down or away from the group each captain will draw a card at random for their team from each pile.  First pile will be the vegetable cards, then the starch cards. After cards have been drawn each team will be given a brainstorming session where the teams will come up with ideas of what and how to cook their meal. After the brainstorming session Captains will draw from the third pile, the action cards.  Action cards can be either a benefit for the team or a hinderance to any chosen team.  Captains (with the help of their team members) will either choose their benefit or which team they are going to hinder (if applicable) in the order that was originally decided in the dice roll.  Let the food fight begin!
Halfway through cooking, everyone will need to pause for captains to draw a halfway card.  Based on the same order as before, cards will be drawn and decisions of how to act on the cards will be made.
When time is up, each team will present their meal to the group.  All groups should then sit and enjoys each others meals together.  Voting will take place during that time.
Action cards: Choose and extra item from the pantry, Choose a team to use kid knives, Swap veggie with any team, Swap starch with any team, 5 min. head start, Choose a team that can only use one burner, Choose a team to incorporate a secret ingredient, Choose a team to wear a cone of shame (except while chopping)
Halfway through cards: Swap stations with any other team, Choose a team to work one handed, Choose a team to use only the ladle of doom or the fork of power for a utensil, Choose a team to have to come up with a change or song when presenting their meal,  Choose a team to only talk in hand gestures (no talking!)



Channel the inner chef AND artist in you. This unique class gives you a chance to sharpen your skills in both painting and cooking. At the end of the class you will have a fabulous painting and a full stomach.


Think it would be fun to have a Bloody Mary Challenge? Want to learn how to cook the perfect turkey? Always wanted to make a soufflé? Let us know and we can customize a class for you!

We provide Chef training programs to get ACF Certification - Certifcation Matters!

What’s unique about the ACF Certification Program?


The ACF certification program is the most comprehensive certification program for culinarians offering 16 certification levels. Culinarians achieve certification based on education, experience, and successful completion of written and practical exams. The certification programs is guided by the ACF Certification Commission. Learn more about the Certification Commission.

To increase the value, credibility and recognition of the ACF Certification Programs, four certification levels are accredited by the National Commission for Certifying Agencies (NCCA). Additionally, the Certification Commission models all certification levels on NCCA standards. Learn more about the value and benefit of NCCA Accreditation.

Differentiate Yourself

ACF Certification adds value to the certificants, employers and the public. With thousands of chefs competing in the job market, it is essential to prove your culinary competency.

Benefits of ACF Certification:

  • Enhances reputation by proving the chef has the knowledge and skills required for a position;
  • Shows that the chef embraces continuing education as a life-long goal for continual improvement and mastery of the culinary arts;
  • Instills self-confidence when the chef achieves the goal of earning a reputable, challenging and quality-driven credential;
  • Communicates that the chef upholds the Culinarian’s Code of Ethics, including conducting oneself with honesty, integrity and fairness in providing professional service;
  • Proves that the chef can collaborate with others to cultivate new and innovative culinary techniques and skills.

Friday Night Dinners at the Mendota VFW

We are back at Mendota VFW on Friday Nights 4:00-7pm

Call 651-238-7017

Curb side pick up on Hwy 13 so you don’t have to leave your car!


Fish basket, baked potato, tartar sauce $10
Philly Steak sandwich, green peppers, cheese, & tater tots – $10
Plant based burger with Fries  – $10
Bacon Cheeseburger with fries $8
Cheese Burger with fries $7
Hamburger with fries $7
Basket of Fries $6
Basket of Onion Rings $6
Large Brownie $3
Mini donuts $6

Contact Us
All events are held at the Mendota VFW – Which host’s THAT Cooking School
1323 Sibley Memorial Hwy Mendota MN 55150
Chef Bill 651-238-7017 niemerwilliam@gmail.com